Meet the Neighbors: Sheldon Hill

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What’s the best complement to a vintage or vintage-inspired outfit? No, not a martini–vintage jewelry, of course! That’s why Petrune is thrilled to share a building and adjacent storefronts with Sheldon Hill, whose collection of jewelry from the 19th and 20th centuries is lovingly and skillfully curated by Stacey Payette. Like Petrune, Sheldon Hill carries an eclectic mix of beautiful things, from exquisite Edwardian diamond rings to chunky plastic bangles. And like at Petrune, there are items to suit every budget–in fact, we couldn’t agree more with Stacey’s motto for the store: “affordable elegance for everyone.”

With such a great resource right next door, we can’t believe it took us this long to do a photoshoot pairing Petrune dresses with Sheldon Hill jewelry! Stacey generously loaned us the perfect jewelry for each outfit, which was then modeled by the lovely Madeline Tingle and photographed by our own talented photographer, Emily Finegan. We hope you enjoy the result, a celebration of 20th-century style–not to mention good old-fashioned neighborly cooperation.

For our first look, we put Madeline in a Heart gown from the Spring 2013 Petrunia collection. Inspired by the ballgowns of the 1950s, the Heart is floor-length gray satin with a sweetheart neckline, rhinestone-encrusted straps, and scattered flowers, also embroidered in rhinestones (they couldn’t get enough of rhinestones in the ’50s).  We knew Stacey would honor the period taste for everything sparkly, and she didn’t disappoint, pairing this dress with rhinestone chandelier earrings, necklace, and wide bracelet, all from the ’50s, as well as a faux black pearl and rhinestone ring from the ’60s.

Now for a little ’80s-style glam! Madeline stuns in a vintage black velvet strapless party dress with a giant bow at the drop waist and an emerald-green bubble skirt with a malachite pattern. Stacey matched the strong shapes and colors of the dress with geometric, black-and-white plastic jewelry–a classic ’80s party look.

Next, a dress for a very different kind of party…Madeline is wearing an extravagant confection of periwinkle tulle and iridescent sequins from the 1950s, complete with detachable tulle shawl! Stacey paired this dress with a dainty ’50s necklace and earring set in white & turquoise milk glass, as well as cotton luncheon gloves.

In our final look, Madeline wears a contemporary peacock-green silk cocktail dress, whose deep V neck and wide waistband evoke classical Greece. With such simple elegance as a starting point, Stacey pulled out all the stops with jewelry: along with a sterling silver ’80s modernist studio bangle, Madeline wears an ’80s runway silvertone rose necklace and earring set that simply drips with drama!

For a bonus look, we had Madeline throw on a pale gray Intermission coat from the Petrunia Spring 2013 collection over the green silk dress and “go shopping” next door at Sheldon Hill! Enjoy that photo sequence after the jump.

A Fierce Halloween at Petrune!

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Halloween once again has come to Petrune! It is one of our favorite times of year… Since the sparkles, sequins, and fun costumes are adding such punch to our racks!

This year instead of taking the spooky route, we decided to make a ferociously fashionable lion tamer window! The lion tamer outfit is comprised of all vintage pieces, largely from the 1930s, and completed with a lovely 1920s top hat. The lion is our own Petrunia Faux Leopard Jacket.

We have many more amazing costumes and pieces for sale, and also available to rent. For only 25% of the retail price, you can rent any piece of clothing here at Petrune for a full week! Come on down for a total unique Halloween costume!

Mathea Millman for Petrune

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In Ithaca we are  lucky to have so many talented students with a passion towards vintage clothing. This past month aspiring fashion photographer,  Mathea Millman did a photo project that modernly presented Petrune’s timeless collection of clothing. She incorporated pieces from both our vintage-inspired and pure vintage collection in this incredible field shoot.

To see more pictures of this stunning shoot as well as many other inspiring images, be sure to check out Mathea Millman’s blog, Up and Coming.

Petrunia Launch Party!

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Our local fans never cease to amaze us! The Petrunia Launch Party held on September 7th was a fantastic event! The Ithaca Community has been nothing but supportive since the Fall 2012 Petrunia Collection debuted in the store. It was our pleasure to throw a party and a killer runway show to celebrate our line as well the people that made it happen!

Below are stills from the fashion show with some of Ithaca’s own local beauties. The show included the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection and a sneak peak of the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.  The Petrunia Spring/Summer collection will be available in Petrune, as well as in stores all around the country, February and March of next year.

Anna in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Grey Heart Dress

Sophie in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Black Lace Rosie Dress

Samantha in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Blue Stripe 40's Inspired Dress

Lauren, Lucy, and Samantha in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Pocket Dresses

Many more photographs of this fun-filled event after the jump!

Introducing Petrunia

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In addition to the usual receptions, performances, and other art events, the Gallery Night on September 7th will see the unveiling of the Fall/Winter 2012 collection from Petrunia.  This spring we did a teaser post about our fashion line founded by Domenica Brockman and Justin Hjortshoj, the owners of Petrune, and designer, Candace Shoemaker. We are very excited to unveil the full collection not only to Petrune, but to stores across the country.

Leah Grady in a Petrunia Cream Magda Dress. Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

The Fall/Winter collection features dresses and coats in a variety of classic silhouettes, from a 50s-style dress with a full pleated skirt, to a classic 40s-style trench coat.  Details like metal zippers, built-in slips, and cloth buttons evoke vintage fashion, and each piece is meant to look, feel, and move like vintage fabric.

Leah Grady in a Petrunia Blue Magda Dress. Fall/Winter 2012 Collection.

Whether you’re a fan of Petrune or just intrigued by the idea of high-quality, original designs at lower prices than New York boutiques, we invite you to drop by Petrune from 6-8:30 on Friday, September 7 to enjoy refreshments, the Fall/Winter 2012 collection, and a sneak peak at the Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Please respond, and invite others through our Facebook Event! It will be a wonderful fashionable event for all!

Leah Grady in a Petrunia Cream Magda Dress. Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.

Sugary Sweet Sunglasses

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This weekend we ventured out to The Sugar Shack— the best place in Ithaca to grab an icy treat. Not only do they have delicious shaved ice, the shack itself is insanely colorful! We thought it was the ideal place to show off our new round of sunglasses in the store, as well as some beach ready vintage wears.


This 1980s crop top sweatshirt comes straight from “WIPE OUT BEACH U.S.A.”,  and looks best when paired with bold rimmed shades and a rad attitude.


This romper falls right in line with the 80s surfer vibe. The insanity of the neon can barely be captured in a photo, it really glows! Any of our club-master styled glasses complete this stand-out look.


Who says you can only wear one pair? All models shown in this frame come in at least three alternative color options, all currently on the floor.


Channel your inner 1970s grandma with these rose colored specs– they’re massive and entirely too much fun to wear.


While these sunglasses have seen this blog before, we think they pair well with this 60s cut knit dress. The stripes are unexpectedly flattering, and the weight of the fabric is great for cooler summer nights.


Even the pups agree– the shades here at Petrune are perfectly tasteful for summer! As always, our sunglasses run at $15 per pair, or two for $25.

Special thanks to photographer Angelina Castillo and the ladies of The Sugar Shack.

Prom, formal, wedding, big date…

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green dress

We have plenty of great party dresses at the moment, both vintage and brand new, like this jade green strapless dress from French Connection. We like it with bold gold accessories, like our oversized heart locket, and this green and gold beaded necklace from Jan Michaels. For the guys we have lots of vintage tuxedos, which are much cooler than anything you can rent, as well as tuxedo accessories like cummerbunds, bow ties and studs. The vintage inventory is always changing, so if you check it out regularly, you’ll probably get lucky.