A Stylishly Spooky Halloween!

Special Events

Over the past couple weeks, We’ve noticed something worrisome about Petrune’s customers. They enter as they usually do, beautiful stylish people swaddled in fall hues, but when they leave… some are cowboys! Others become sailors, and We’ve seen a couple leave the store transformed into genuine 1920’s flappers. We’ve had Molly Ringwalds, Michael Jacksons, and Freddie Mercurys parading out the door all week!

But then again, when you have a costume rental policy as nice as Petrune’s, who could resist? If you’ve yet to find that perfect outfit for Halloween, stop on by the store this week to pick out your awesome alter-ego. For only 25% of the retail price, you can rent any piece of clothing here at Petrune for a full week!

So, go a little crazy. Get that leather jacket with 2-foot fringe, or the dress with Cher-style sequins. To show you just a few possibilities, here’s Reece and Eleanor modeling some of our favorites. Photos after the jump!

Roots Rose Radish: Unique Handcrafted Skin care

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Of all the amazing local artisans that Petrune has partnered with, one of our favorites is Roots Rose Radish. Established in Brooklyn but now operating in Ithaca, Roots Rose Radish produces a line of health and beauty products straight from the bosom of nature. Their products are hand grown, handpicked, and handcrafted to make the most sumptuously natural skin care experience imaginable.

Solid perfumes, infused with Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit.

Even more remarkable is the fact that Christian Toscano, the creator and mastermind behind Roots Rose Radish, will be demonstrating their products this week in-store at Petrune! Stop by on the 22nd of October from 4 pm to 6pm for a pampering with the finest all-natural Roots Rose Radish products. To sweeten the already amazing deal, we’ll have some treats to nibble , drinks to sip, and a 10% store-wide discount for participants!

We wanted to show you that sometimes, even if it’s too good it can still be true. See you on the 22nd with Roots Rose Radish!

Luscious Rose lip balm

Honey Pecan Rose daily cleanser. Sounds like it could be a pie...

This one's for the guys!



Romance, Exploits, Peril, and our New Window!

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Ithaca’s rich film history and status as a “Hollywood of the Northeast” has has left its mark on the town in a myriad of wonderful ways. There’s no doubt that the city’s population has a flair for the beautifully theatric, and productions of both stage and screen have emerged from every corner of Ithaca for as long as living memory. Our new window display pays homage to Irene Castle, Ithaca resident, starlet of the silver screen, and wife to Ithaca’s Robert Treman.

Castle in the 1917 film Patria, the image we used as inspiration for our window.

Castle moved to Ithaca to work as a silent film star, after a whirlwind career as a ballroom dancer with her former husband. Settling down in the newly-constructed Cayuga Heights in the 1920s, Castle quickly became a darling of the booming film scene in Ithaca. Hob-nobbing with Warner Oland and other stars on their lakefront properties, Castle’s bobbed haircut and short (knee length, ooo!) skirts made her a trendsetter of 20’s fashion in the Northeast and beyond.

Beautiful beaded bodice.

Dancing shoes!

Fabulous fans, skirts of scandalous lengths!

Our Irene Castle display is part of the Ithaca Motion Picture Project’s most recent exhibit Romance, Exploits & Peril, an 8 piece multimedia exhibit commemorating the period, almost 100 years ago, that the Wharton Brothers made Ithaca a bastion of the silver screen. The flagship installation is a 90 ft sculptural timeline of the period at the Tompkins County Public Library, and other exhibits scatter the city at Gimme, the State Theater, GIAC, Petrune, and more! For more details, check out their site at www.ithacamotionpictureproject.org

It’s denim season!

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Denim. It’s as American as apple pie, yet as wild as west Texas. Invented as rugged work-wear for ranch hands in 1800’s America, denim is now seen everywhere, from the runways of Paris, to the overalls of OshKosh B’Gosh. Here at Petrune, we’ve been gathering our denim goodies together since the first wisps of fall air. Whether you’re in the market for a classic jean jacket, or an acid-wash pencil skirt, we’ve got you covered.

Denim enables sass.


For your inner Tom Sawyer.

Acid wash fun!

A good jean jacket is a must!

Usually wouldn't use "beautifully detailed" to describe overalls, but these are something else.