Petit Petrune

Beautiful Things, Progress


We’re back! Our space in the Holiday Store is officially open and packed with all new vintage treasures for you to explore. Our daily hours are 12-6 until Thanksgiving, and then 11-7 through the month of December.

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind, but we are thrilled to be part of the Holiday Store, its been too long since we’ve seen our incredibly fashionable friends of Petrune!

Our temporary address is 135 E. State St., the Commons, come visit!

Latest plans


Clean up and renovations of 126 East State Street are taking longer than we thought, so we are going to Plan B. On Gallery night, the evening of Nov. 5, we will be opening a mini shop in “The Holiday Spirit Store” across the street in the former “Night and Day” space. We are proud to be joining some of the best dealers from the Ithaca Farmers Market, and we will be selling all great new stuff that we have collected in the past couple of weeks. The fire sale can wait, we want to do what we do best, really great vintage clothing, hand crafts, and quality new modern lines (nothing smoke damaged, thank you very much!)

See you there!