Sweltering Summer Savings



Sometimes it seems like France has the right idea: on August 1, everyone goes on vacation, abandoning the sweltering cities to bask on the shores of the Mediterranean.  It’s a tough month to spend anywhere but on the beach; back-to-school excitement kicks in eventually, but that still leaves three weeks of trying to maintain business as usual when all you want to do is sip sangria while lounging in a maxi-dress.

We can’t help with the sangria, but thanks to the Downtown Ithaca Summer Sale, we can help you stock your closet with appropriately glamorous lounging attire.  From August 1 to August 4, Petrune is having a MASSIVE sale: men’s and women’s vintage and vintage-inspired apparel is 25% off, while the 2013 Spring/Summer Petrunia collection is a whopping 50% off!

But Petrune will be far from the only shop on the Commons with great deals; check out the Downtown Ithaca Alliance’s listing of participating merchants, and make a day—or four—of it!  Using the power of deeply discounted local retail, we can make it through the dog days of August together.