Spring Makeover!

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The weather outside may still be frightful, but it’s looking more and more delightful inside Petrune Ithaca!

We took advantage of the Presidents’ Day weekend to do a massive spruce-up, changing out clothes, refreshing displays, and topping everything off with a new coat of paint.

The store is bright and cheerful in oh-so-springy colors like robin’s egg blue, grass green, and bubblegum pink!

Now we just have to wait for Mother Nature to catch up…

P.S. Don’t forget the Grand Opening of Petrune Brooklyn this Saturday, Feb. 22, at 5pm at our brand-new Park Slope location, 233 5th Avenue!

Holiday Gift Guide Part Five: Petrune Gift Certificates


We think gift certificates get a bad rap. Sure, they can mean that you weren’t sure what to get someone, or that you waited until the last minute to do your shopping. But a gift certificate to someone’s favorite store (Petrune, obviously) also means you think they have such exquisite taste that you wouldn’t dare tell them what to wear. It’s an invitation to get that glorious dress, or coat, or pair of boots, that’s just a little too extravagant. And perhaps most importantly, it’s a guarantee that this year, one gift, at least, will be exactly what they want.

Through Friday this week (December 20th, 2013)  we are having a sale on Gift Certificates redeemable after Christmas! 25% off all values of Petrune Gift Certificates! For example a $100 gift certificate for that special someone will only cost you $75! There is no better time to give the gift of classic clothing!

Sweltering Summer Savings



Sometimes it seems like France has the right idea: on August 1, everyone goes on vacation, abandoning the sweltering cities to bask on the shores of the Mediterranean.  It’s a tough month to spend anywhere but on the beach; back-to-school excitement kicks in eventually, but that still leaves three weeks of trying to maintain business as usual when all you want to do is sip sangria while lounging in a maxi-dress.

We can’t help with the sangria, but thanks to the Downtown Ithaca Summer Sale, we can help you stock your closet with appropriately glamorous lounging attire.  From August 1 to August 4, Petrune is having a MASSIVE sale: men’s and women’s vintage and vintage-inspired apparel is 25% off, while the 2013 Spring/Summer Petrunia collection is a whopping 50% off!

But Petrune will be far from the only shop on the Commons with great deals; check out the Downtown Ithaca Alliance’s listing of participating merchants, and make a day—or four—of it!  Using the power of deeply discounted local retail, we can make it through the dog days of August together.

Spring is Around the Corner!


The groundhog did say we would be getting an early spring this year… So we are living in hope that here in Ithaca colorful pastels and fun florals will be able to be worn any day now! We have started to brighten up the store for season change. With help from our friend and designer, Darrel, the store has been spruced up with a coat of  yellow paint, and fresh spring inspired displays.

Be sure to drop by the store soon to start planning your spring wardrobe!

Valentine’s at Petrune

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Trust us, we’ve heard the anti-Valentine’s Day backlash. “It forces people to buy things to prove their love!” “It makes single people feel bad!” “It’s a really terrible movie!”  We don’t disagree with any of those points. (I mean, Valentine’s Day has an 18% rating on RottenTomatoes.) But hear us out: it’s February.  It’s cold and gray outside, and if you’re like us, you’ve been hibernating in a giant coat and/or blanket since the day after New Year’s.

While it’s tempting not to emerge until May, we think it’s worth considering another winter strategy: don’t underestimate the mood-boosting powers of wearing something pretty like a lacy bra, cute boots, or a sparkly necklace that makes you feel like Liz Taylor. Not for anybody else’s benefit, mind you (although if you have a significant other you can expect their enthusiastic support). No one has to know you’re wearing a silk slip for it to feel amazing against your skin, and make that walk to the bus stop just a little more glamorous.

With that in mind, we have a few humble suggestions: we now carry Coobie bras, which are supportive, affordable, and cute—like a cross between a bralette and a less-restrictive sports bra.  They’re one-size-fits-most and come in a rainbow of colors, so there’s something for everyone, whether you want invisible support or a pop of color under a sheer top.

Then there’s Honeydew, whose black lace and sheer pink camis, bralettes, and hipsters undies are definitely sexy, while still being comfy enough for everyday wear.

Nothing glams up a winter sweater like a long pendant necklace!  This arrowhead probably isn’t Cupid’s, but it’s guaranteed to turn heads all the same.  The jigsaw piece is inscribed “You Complete Me,” perfect for fans of puzzles OR Jerry Maguire.  And the rest of these necklaces are equally irresistible.

Finally, when bright reds and pinks start popping up everywhere, rather than sighing about how they clash, consider them a signal that it’s time to start alternating those winter browns and grays with neons, jewel tones, or pastels.  You’ll be surprised how a drab day brightens up when you’re wearing an emerald-green coat, or purple tights, or a bright red blazer—all of which, coincidentally, are in the store right now.  And our very own Petrunia label features date-night-ready dresses in very Valentine colors of red and black!

Falling in Love with Fall

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After a warm September and October, then Sandy making a quick pit-stop in Ithaca, fall has finally fallen! Here at Petrune, we are adoring the autumnal hues and wearing all things cozy! Instead of the Love Story between Oliver and Jennifer… It is  between Petrune and Fall! Falling in love with fall never means having to say you’re sorry… For compromising on the cutest sweater of course!

Here are a few fun shots of our latest window display and some of our favorite fall pieces in the shop!

Stay warm with these beautiful hand-knit wool and alpaca snoods! On your neck or worn as a hood, they''ll keep you toasty!

B.ella Socks and Stocking have been a hit at Petrune for years! Whether as a gift or for yourself... Warm feet cannot be beat!

Always a classic! Our constantly rotating selection of vintage sweaters are sure to please all!

A Fierce Halloween at Petrune!

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Halloween once again has come to Petrune! It is one of our favorite times of year… Since the sparkles, sequins, and fun costumes are adding such punch to our racks!

This year instead of taking the spooky route, we decided to make a ferociously fashionable lion tamer window! The lion tamer outfit is comprised of all vintage pieces, largely from the 1930s, and completed with a lovely 1920s top hat. The lion is our own Petrunia Faux Leopard Jacket.

We have many more amazing costumes and pieces for sale, and also available to rent. For only 25% of the retail price, you can rent any piece of clothing here at Petrune for a full week! Come on down for a total unique Halloween costume!