Winter Wear Sale

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This week we are starting our Winter Wear Sale! 10%-50% off select winter styles. Both vintage and new lines in the store are marked down. Take advantage of this sale while the weather is still chilly!

Petrune Enjoys Chili Fest, is Spicy!

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We feel that out of all the big “Commons Food Fest” extravaganzas, Chili Fest is the best. You can wear cozy furs and winter coats, everyone is gettin’ reeeal close for body warmth, and, of course, the food! If Petrune were a food, we would be spicy chili (no beans) and a sliver of light, buttery cornbread. Chili is classic, warm, comforting, and has a wonderful edge that keeps you on your toes.

This year’s Chili Fest was a blast, as always. With awesome street style and delicious chili at every turn, what more could we possibly want?

A Tribute to Downton

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Our Petrune guilty pleasure is obviously a good period piece drama. Currently we are obsessing over Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classic. For the past two seasons, we have fallen in love with Lady Violet’s quick-wit  and the tumultuous relationship between Mary and Matthew. Mostly though we have been gushing about early 20th century fashion, so we thought the best way to share our joy was in a window display!

These Victorian and early 20th century pieces are some of our favorites of all time. The Victorian Riding Jacket can be found on our Etsy shop.

What will happen on the season finale on Sunday? Will Bates be convicted? Will Lady Mary marry Richard? More importantly…. What stunning frocks will we see?!?! We simply cannot wait to find out! Be sure to stop by to check out this window display in person, and tune into Downton Abbey.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Let’s wear red and eat chocolate regardless of our relationship status!

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Valentine’s day! It’s a nice time. When we’re in love, we like it because love is nice and it’s good to have a holiday celebrating it! When we’re not in love… did you know there’s going to be a major chocolate sale on Feb 15th? Oh yeah(to be said in Kool-Aid style voice)!

Speaking of Kool Aid, a close third to Candy and Love in the scheme of holiday greatness is the color! We put together a red and pink Valentines window a couple days ago, inspired by some delightfully snazzy 70’s romance comics. With our display dressed to impress and our sexiest vintage-inspired lingerie out on the front table… can someone please give us chocolate now?

Hot pink 60’s Bonnie Cashin Leather Rain Coat! Love!

Mary Green silk high waist knickers for you or your sweetheart!


It’s the Year of the Dragon, Window Agrees!

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With the passing of Chinese New Year, it is officially the Year of the Dragon! Our window is decked out to match, complete with a genuine Hong-Kong made dragon-dancer. Our dragon dancer, made for 3 people, is truly a piece of art, and we’re so excited to share it!

The year of the Dragon signifies a time of good luck, and plentiful wheat and poultry. Thus, we at Petrune hope your year is filled with good fortune and good food!

The Dragon

One of our "supporting" actresses, in a beautiful woven green dress.

The other, pulling off patterns.

Maker's mark.

Beautiful details.

Beautiful colors.