A Fierce Halloween at Petrune!

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Halloween once again has come to Petrune! It is one of our favorite times of year… Since the sparkles, sequins, and fun costumes are adding such punch to our racks!

This year instead of taking the spooky route, we decided to make a ferociously fashionable lion tamer window! The lion tamer outfit is comprised of all vintage pieces, largely from the 1930s, and completed with a lovely 1920s top hat. The lion is our own Petrunia Faux Leopard Jacket.

We have many more amazing costumes and pieces for sale, and also available to rent. For only 25% of the retail price, you can rent any piece of clothing here at Petrune for a full week! Come on down for a total unique Halloween costume!

Silent Movie Month Celebration

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Petrune is happy to be celebrating Silent Movie Month this October in Ithaca and you’re invited to a reception for the Ithaca Motion Picture Project to celebrate a month of exhibits, events and screenings focused on the silent movie era and Ithaca’s own Wharton Inc motion picture studio. We were inspired to do a window display of one of Ithaca’s own Silent Film actresses Grace Darlington, the star of Beatrice Fairfax serials.

Grace Darlington

Grace Darlington, Silent Beauty, 1893-1963

Hope you will stop by Petrune on The Commons on Gallery Night, October 5th from 5pm-8pm! Please respond, and invite others through our Facebook Event!

Romance, Exploits, Peril, and our New Window!

1910-1920, 1920-1930, Special Events

Ithaca’s rich film history and status as a “Hollywood of the Northeast” has has left its mark on the town in a myriad of wonderful ways. There’s no doubt that the city’s population has a flair for the beautifully theatric, and productions of both stage and screen have emerged from every corner of Ithaca for as long as living memory. Our new window display pays homage to Irene Castle, Ithaca resident, starlet of the silver screen, and wife to Ithaca’s Robert Treman.

Castle in the 1917 film Patria, the image we used as inspiration for our window.

Castle moved to Ithaca to work as a silent film star, after a whirlwind career as a ballroom dancer with her former husband. Settling down in the newly-constructed Cayuga Heights in the 1920s, Castle quickly became a darling of the booming film scene in Ithaca. Hob-nobbing with Warner Oland and other stars on their lakefront properties, Castle’s bobbed haircut and short (knee length, ooo!) skirts made her a trendsetter of 20’s fashion in the Northeast and beyond.

Beautiful beaded bodice.

Dancing shoes!

Fabulous fans, skirts of scandalous lengths!

Our Irene Castle display is part of the Ithaca Motion Picture Project’s most recent exhibit Romance, Exploits & Peril, an 8 piece multimedia exhibit commemorating the period, almost 100 years ago, that the Wharton Brothers made Ithaca a bastion of the silver screen. The flagship installation is a 90 ft sculptural timeline of the period at the Tompkins County Public Library, and other exhibits scatter the city at Gimme, the State Theater, GIAC, Petrune, and more! For more details, check out their site at www.ithacamotionpictureproject.org

This Just In

1920-1930, 1930-1940, Beautiful Things

Petrune has acquired simply beautiful pieces from the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Here’s a quick peak at one of our favorites, a beaded silk blouse from the early 1930s.


DSC00864_2The glass beading is in nearly perfect condition.

DSC00866Incredible wristlet detail!

What a perfect gift for any vintage lover. Be sure to come into the Holiday Store to see the rest of our new treasures.

The curious sofa

1920-1930, Windows

Curious Sofa
Our Halloween window is taking a page from “The Curious Sofa, a pornographic work by Ogdred Weary.” This slim little volume is actually the work of the great illustrator/writer, Edward Gory, and no one does creepy better than Gory. In the window we are showing a 1920’s pale green flapper gown, a turn of the century Tuxedo, a velvet sofa, and a diamond adorned arm reaching out from underneath. Happy Halloween everyone!