Smooth Sailing in America

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When the temperatures outside start to creep into the “sweltering” range, our minds become distracted with thoughts of blue water,  cold mojitos, and crisp white cotton shirts. To vent a few of our more stylish preoccupations, and to celebrate the 4th of July with Red, White, and Blue, our newest window is sporting a summery nautical theme! Come sail away with us.

The star of our window has to be this 70’s terrycloth maxi dress, with a super-flattering open back, retro anchor print, and blues deeper than the Mediterranean.

Even inside the store, you can spot spot out some lovely attire for the 4th or really any occasion! Here is a cute cropped jacket from Tulle with oceanside flair! The perfect summer-to-fall transitional piece.

Why not top off the look with one of these adorable turban headbands from local artisan Pantha Fashion? Handmade, right here in Ithaca, NY!

Father’s Day!

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Here at Petrune, we have an extensive and beautiful selection of clothes for both men and women. Many guys, however, come in and immediately resign themselves to the chair by the door, sure that there’s nothing for them in the store.

Well guys, you’re wrong. We can help you look like James Dean, just as we can help your gal look like Marlene Deitrich.

For this first Father’s day post, we decided to honor 2 things that most dads hold very dear: Bruce Springsteen and vacations. So slap Born To Run down on theturntable and make yourself a Dad-ish drink (mine is particularly fond of Long Island Iced Teas for vacay times) and enjoy. We also have very nice ties.

Thanks much to Anthony Tocchio and Reece Lazarus for modelling!

Bruce goes to the Bahamas in this classic denim get-up.
Some stylish and comfy leather loafers.