Sugary Sweet Sunglasses

1990-present, Style


This weekend we ventured out to The Sugar Shack— the best place in Ithaca to grab an icy treat. Not only do they have delicious shaved ice, the shack itself is insanely colorful! We thought it was the ideal place to show off our new round of sunglasses in the store, as well as some beach ready vintage wears.


This 1980s crop top sweatshirt comes straight from “WIPE OUT BEACH U.S.A.”,  and looks best when paired with bold rimmed shades and a rad attitude.


This romper falls right in line with the 80s surfer vibe. The insanity of the neon can barely be captured in a photo, it really glows! Any of our club-master styled glasses complete this stand-out look.


Who says you can only wear one pair? All models shown in this frame come in at least three alternative color options, all currently on the floor.


Channel your inner 1970s grandma with these rose colored specs– they’re massive and entirely too much fun to wear.


While these sunglasses have seen this blog before, we think they pair well with this 60s cut knit dress. The stripes are unexpectedly flattering, and the weight of the fabric is great for cooler summer nights.


Even the pups agree– the shades here at Petrune are perfectly tasteful for summer! As always, our sunglasses run at $15 per pair, or two for $25.

Special thanks to photographer Angelina Castillo and the ladies of The Sugar Shack.

Perfume by Roots Rose Radish

Beautiful Things, Made by Petrune


In this summer heat, wearing heavy perfume is the last thing we want to do.  Thankfully, this new collection from Petrune favorite Roots Rose Radish is practical, adorable and wonderfully subtle. Still made from only natural and organic materials, you need to come smell these for yourself. The three scents, all packaged as a solid in shell cases, would make great gifts for a loved one or yourself!

The Jasmine and Clary Sage is refreshingly green and fresh, the herbal notes could carry this scent well into fall. Our Rose, Frankincense and Pachouli fragrance is pleasantly woody, instantly comforting and warm. While all three scents are offered in the two sizes shown above, the third fragrance is also available in this one of a kind beauty.


The colorings of this shell match the summery, floral vibe of the third scent. The top notes are Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit, making for the perfect tropical escape from the Ithaca humidity. The pink shell pictured above is the only one in the store with a retail price of $40. Our other smaller sizes are wildly affordable at $20 (green shells) and $30 (cowrie shells).


1940-1950, Beautiful Things, Style, Windows


Tonight is the official start of this years Ithaca Festival ! Here’s a peek at our new window celebrating the theme of the festival, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” by William Shakespeare. We’ve been drooling over this dress for a while now, wouldn’t it be the perfect whimsical wedding dress for Hippolyta, Amazonian queen?


Be sure to stop in and say hi, we’ll be here all weekend and might have a few surprises up our sleeves!