A Tribute to Downton

1900-1910, 1910-1920, Windows

Our Petrune guilty pleasure is obviously a good period piece drama. Currently we are obsessing over Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classic. For the past two seasons, we have fallen in love with Lady Violet’s quick-wit  and the tumultuous relationship between Mary and Matthew. Mostly though we have been gushing about early 20th century fashion, so we thought the best way to share our joy was in a window display!

These Victorian and early 20th century pieces are some of our favorites of all time. The Victorian Riding Jacket can be found on our Etsy shop.

What will happen on the season finale on Sunday? Will Bates be convicted? Will Lady Mary marry Richard? More importantly…. What stunning frocks will we see?!?! We simply cannot wait to find out! Be sure to stop by to check out this window display in person, and tune into Downton Abbey.