Birds of a Feather

1970-1980, Fashion Time Line, Petrunia, Style


Ahh, May: not only do we finally have some springy weather (this is Ithaca, though, so keep your fingers crossed until July), we’re also thrilled to see the full Petrunia Spring 2013 line in the store and selling well! If you’re a regular, you’ve probably already been accosted by an excited staff member eager to explain the history and philosophy of the line, but if you’d like a refresher, check out the blog post for the Petrunia launch party back in September. Most of the styles worn by the gorgeous local models who walked in our runway show, including the adorable blue stripe button dress, are on sale in our store and online.

But today we want to highlight one particular print that exemplifies what’s special about Petrunia. It came into the store on a 70s dress that had seen better days, and its color scheme of tan, beige, and khaki wasn’t doing it any favors. But something about the whimsical print of overlapping birdcages jumped out at us.

 That print, now sharpened into pen-and-ink-style black lines with sky-blue highlights, is the centerpiece of three Petrunia designs: a crisp shirt-dress with sky-blue belt and collar, a sweet sundress with oversized pockets, and a full-skirted dress with a soft navy t-shirt-style bodice (the Grace dress, not pictured here). Each of them shows off this darling print in a completely different way — just one illustration (pun intended, I’m afraid) of how Petrunia gives new life to lost gems of vintage fashion.