Pas Cher Chic featuring Petrune

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When Jenna, purveyor of fashionable things over at Pas Cher Chic, approached us about featuring Petrune in a blog post, we were pretty psyched. Her blog over at pascherchic always has amazing styling ideas and a really unique point of view, whether she’s at a vintage boutique, a thrift store, or H&M.

We were especially excited when she totally pulled of a couple pairs of leather 80’s pants. We’ve been waiting for someone to come along with the cojones to rock those! Jenna and her sister modeled a number of super sassy red, black, and white themed looks, calling to mind our beloved White Stripes. And really, when the White Stripes are even tangentially involved, there’s no way to deny the awesome factor.

Here’s a few of our fave looks, but be sure to check out her blog for two posts of Petrune goodness!


Amazing Gift #3 – FINE Leather Goods!

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If you need a break in the midst of this holiday madness, take a page from Tom Haverford’s book. Treat yourself!

A day of pampering. Imagine it! Northstar for some delicious mimosas. La Tourelle for a long massage. Gimme for some cupcakes, made by Krum’s Corner bakery. And finally, get your fine leather goods here at Petrune on the commons! We’ve got no shortage of beautiful, buttery leather formed into shapes perfect for your pocket and purse.

Cashmere lined gloves? Treat yourself.

Two-tone pocketbook? Treat yourself.

VIntage Gucci belt? Treat yourself!

Treat yourself.

Treat yourself.

Treat yourself!



Hifashion Studios Shoot with Petrune

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You may remember HiFashion Studios from their runway show at Ithaca College a couple months back. A student organization devoted to a love of fashion, HiFashion studios sent looks down the runway from many boutiques and designers around Ithaca, including some beautiful vintage pieces from here at Petrune.

We were thrilled when they approached us to create a photo spread for their magazine! After a fun shoot with Lucy, some of the folks from HiFashion, and some very patient and cooperative models, they got some beautiful images.

Check out their full magazine here!



Party Time at Petrune

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Winter is great. There’s the picturesque snow, and we get to bundle in many warm things while we drink warm things with warm people.  When we’re not burrowing into peppermint mochas and woolly blankets though, there’s a sparkly and fabulous aspect to the holiday season fast approaching: holiday parties! Even better, party dresses!

We’ve put together some of our most luscious, sparkly, and celebratory outfits for your pleasure. Combat seasonal depression with tasty cider and socialization in one of these awesome frocks. From crushed velvet, to beautiful beaded creations, to simple red satin, we’ve got you covered for all your wintry party needs.

Libby models a classic red satin gown with a rabbit fur capelet.

Channel the 50's chic in this violet cocktail dress.

If you have a party this would be appropriate for, I'm jealous.

Hand beaded, every inch. About 20 lbs but so beautiful.

The perfect red velvet Christmas dress.

Little black dress with sparkle is a winning combo in any season.

Amazing Gift Idea #2

Beautiful Things, Gift

We’ve had a Forgotten Sage scented Votivo candle lit on our desk at Petrune for the past month or so, and the reactions from people who come in and have a sniff are the greatest.

“It smells like my grandma’s house!”

“That’s the kind of smell that just makes you feel warm and cozy.”

“It smells like spring in here…”

While Forgotten Sage is a personal favorite, each scent is so uniquely awesome that we’ve slowly begun cycling through all of them in the store. They make the perfect gift as well! Give one of these wonderful scents this holiday season :).

Winter Cranberry and Christmas Sage

Many sizes and varieties!

We also have fragrance mists, for your body or your sheets.


Amazing Gift Idea #1

Beautiful Things, Gift

We are honestly having a hard time everyday not snapping up all these necklaces for ourselves! Brand new in the store from White Owl Jewelry, these lace statement necklaces are as beautiful and intricate as they are blissfully simple. Made by two sisters in Michigan who give new life to vintage pieces, each one has a unique handmade charm while still being as classy as Michelle Obama. We have a number of colors and styles in the store right now, and they’re going rather quickly if the first few days are any indication!