Petrunia Launch Party!

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Our local fans never cease to amaze us! The Petrunia Launch Party held on September 7th was a fantastic event! The Ithaca Community has been nothing but supportive since the Fall 2012 Petrunia Collection debuted in the store. It was our pleasure to throw a party and a killer runway show to celebrate our line as well the people that made it happen!

Below are stills from the fashion show with some of Ithaca’s own local beauties. The show included the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection and a sneak peak of the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection.  The Petrunia Spring/Summer collection will be available in Petrune, as well as in stores all around the country, February and March of next year.

Anna in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Grey Heart Dress

Sophie in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Black Lace Rosie Dress

Samantha in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Blue Stripe 40's Inspired Dress

Lauren, Lucy, and Samantha in Spring/Summer 2013 Petrunia Pocket Dresses

Many more photographs of this fun-filled event after the jump!

Petrunia Goes to the Market!


Having just completed another round of photoshoots  for our clothing line Petrunia, we are more excited than ever to see these beautiful clothes on our beautiful customers!

With luxurious fabrics and re-appropriated vintage prints, these dresses and coats proved the perfect thing for a sunny summer day. Thinking this, we journeyed down to the Ithaca Farmer’s Market on a sublime cloudless evening, and played around the docks in Petrunia’s stunning silk dresses. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Look forward to seeing Petrunia’s vintage-inspired pieces in our store on The Commons in Ithaca as early as this August 2012! Many thanks to Julianne Schaeffer and Leah Summers, our gorgeous models for this shoot.

Making new friends in the Magda, one of our favorite chiffon creations from the line.

The Lucy, made with a vintage steel-leaf print.

Our Bottle Green trench, perfect for cool summer nights and well into fall.

The Magda, because Chiffon will always = luxury.

Our golden-hued trenchcoat.

The Magda, with a lovely pop of color from a poppy belt (included!)


Prom Perfect

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It comes but once a year, and we always look forward to it. Prom season is here in all it’s glory… The taffeta, the tulle, the pastel colors…. We love it all! Even if you don’t have a prom in your future, it is always fun to look at beautiful formal wear, and who knows, you can always create an event fit for a princess! Here are a few lovely shots of Eleanor in some of our formal wear finest that can be found on our Etsy shop. Simply click on the image for more detail shots. Bask in the beauty :)!

1950's Magnolia Cupcake Crinoline Party Dress

1950's Robin's Egg Blue Tulle Party Dress with Veil

1950's Yellow Cupcake Party Dress

1950's Periwinkle Party Dress

In addition to the selection on our Etsy site, we also have a collection on the store floor waiting for a wonderful home, and great party!

Springtime Comes to Petrune!

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After long last, we get to put away the furs and wools (wonderful as they are) in favor of florals and silks! The daffodils are starting to peek their heads form the ground here in Ithaca, and we thought we’d put together a photo shoot to match.

This year, we decided that we’d like nothing more than to pair patterns with patterns, and bright colors with more patterns. What fun is subtlety when the weather is warm? Here you’ll see some of our favorite new and vintage items from the store, styled by Petrune’s team of fashionistas, and modeled by Julianne Schaeffer at the Ithaca Farmer’s Market.

Look forward to some more shots after this weekend. We’re going back out on the town with many fun looks to photograph for you on Sunday!

A truly amazing print on this mod sheath dress.
Guaranteed to make your legs look as long as a warm spring day!
Patterned silk with a patent belt… perfection?
So classic. Pleats are one of our new obsessions.
Beautiful backdrop courtesy of the Farmer’s Market in Ithaca.
Maxi dresses! They were all over the stylish ladies at SXSW, and now here for you at Petrune! Zebra print + Kelly Green in an inspired thing. 
It’s hard not to smile when you’re this stylin’.

April Showers!

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Spring is in the air! These April showers can only mean that we are moving in the right direction. Sundresses, sandals, and shorts are all on the horizon! This week we created a window display to celebrate. Can you guess our inspiration? The answer is after the jump!

Street-style and Vintage Swag at SXSW!

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After months of pining away in the almost-freezing, we got the chance to go down to South By Southwest in Austin, Texas this year! Aside from the beautiful music spilling from every corner of the city, we found Austin (in SXSW mode) to be one of the most stylish places we’ve ever visited. With beautiful weather all week, the options for style were endless. In addition, we were thrilled to see so many people exploring vintage options!

Here’s some of our favorite looks we found out on the street at SXSW this year. Fashionable ladies abound, as usual at an international music festival, but we were also excited to see so many men with individual refined style! Lookin’ good, guys!

Maxi dresses and skirts were a trend everywhere we looked. We especially like how this gal "toughened up" the flowing look with those combat boots!

Burnt-orange shorts and a vintage hawaiian shirt to match the warm southern air. Surprisingly (and awesomely), florals were quite common at SXSW.

So much more after the jump!

Petrune, It’s All Over Your Internet!


Though we’re a vintage clothing store, we like to think that we’re pretty tech-savvy and able to sail the seas of the internet with the best of ’em. If you simply cannot get enough Petrune (we know we can’t), treat yourself! Here are some easy ways, aided by technology, that you can have Petrune in your life everyday!

Facebook – Like our page for updates on sales and events around the store. We post pictures of our favorite items in the store every day!

Tumblr – Just got one of these, and we love it so much! Follow for a more casual look at some of our favorite items, inspiration from around Ithaca, and general pretty-picture fun times.

Etsy – Some of our rarest and most beautiful items go up in the Etsy store, so that they can reach the largest audience possible. You’ll find stars there from past window displays, Downton-Abbey-worthy Victorian garb, and some truly unique antiques.

Twitter – Follow our Petrune tweets about vintage fashion and fun!

Holy Handmade, Batman!

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We try to be “Locavores” in every way possible. Keeping cultural and economic power within a community instead of frequenting the big-box stores is an amazing thing!

Lately, we’ve been searching out some of our favorite local artisans to bring you beautiful products made right here in upstate New York. One of out favorite local lines, One Swell Gal, flies off the shelves every time we put it out! Handmade products like hers have such an innate personal charm! Here are some other handmade accessories we are carrying right now in the store. Enjoy :).

These two necklaces are from Trumansburg artist Carissa Mann Parlato. Her line, C (Star) Studio, has beautiful artisan statement jewelry.

This necklace is by one of our favorite customers and artists, Cady Fontana. Each bird charm is totally handmade, unique, and adorable.

Super cute earrings made by local Girl Scout Troop 374. For the reasonable price of $4.00 you can support the Girl Scouts and accessorize!

Here are some lovely Belle Epock hairpins. Dressing up your hair can be fun and feathery!

Winter Wear Sale

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This week we are starting our Winter Wear Sale! 10%-50% off select winter styles. Both vintage and new lines in the store are marked down. Take advantage of this sale while the weather is still chilly!

Petrune Enjoys Chili Fest, is Spicy!

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We feel that out of all the big “Commons Food Fest” extravaganzas, Chili Fest is the best. You can wear cozy furs and winter coats, everyone is gettin’ reeeal close for body warmth, and, of course, the food! If Petrune were a food, we would be spicy chili (no beans) and a sliver of light, buttery cornbread. Chili is classic, warm, comforting, and has a wonderful edge that keeps you on your toes.

This year’s Chili Fest was a blast, as always. With awesome street style and delicious chili at every turn, what more could we possibly want?