Grasroots Fashion, On-Stage and Off!

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Grassroots Festival of Music and Dance tends to attract some of the more uniquely styled characters from all over the Finger Lakes. Thus, today we will take you on a tour of some of our favorite fashions at Grassroots this year, both up on stage and down in the field. Enjoy!

One of the first acts we saw was Rockwood Ferry, and what better way to start out the festival than with one of Petrune’s favorite customers, Rosie Newton, playing a mean fiddle in this beautiful delicately crocheted blouse.

Walking around the festival, print were everywhere!

Stopping by the Infield stage for Hank Roberts, we were thrilled to see him bring his talented daughter up on stage to duet and her vintage linen dress.

The Grady Girls, over in the dance tent, were all looking fly in summer dresses and vintage shifts.

Longtime Ithaca favorites Sunny Weather played an amazing set, and had some swingin’ vintage fashion to match!

Eileen Jewel opened for George Jones, and proved that sometimes a LBD is all you need.

For the guys, the obvious go-to vintage look was different variations of the classic plaid Western shirt, seen here on Richie Stearns.

Here on Donna the Buffalo,

Here on Hubcap,

Speaking of Donna the Buffalo, one of our favorite get-ups came on Tara Nevins, longtime member. A beautiful blue patterned silk dress is the perfect thing for festival comfort and style.

Try as she might though, even Tara could not top these young fashionistas. But then, could anyone?

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