Amanda Setton: our favorite gossip girl

Beautiful Things, Style

Ithaca has a “Boomerang Effect.” People come here to work or study, leave to explore the rest of the world, and then come back later to visit or settle permanently.

A few years ago we organized our first Petrune fashion show. Twenty gorgeous guys and gals, friends and customers, modeled in the show. We all had a great time. One of those models was Amanda Setton, an Ithaca College student, who has since made a name for herself starring on the shows One Life to Live and Gossip Girl.

We were all very excited when she came back to Ithaca and dropped in to say “Hi” this past weekend.

Amanda Setton in front of Petrune!

Amanda Setton in front of Petrune!

It is so nice to see people blossom into success, and to be able to say “We knew them when…” And it is even nicer when they come back for a visit after all that time. We wish all our customers success and happiness, and that if you leave town, the Ithaca boomerang effect works on you too!