Meet the Neighbors: Comet Skateboards

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If you’ve ever been upstairs checking out our men’s department, record shop, or pinball machine, you may have already met them. Did you smell the fresh sawdust? Hear the hum of a sander? That’s Comet. They’re pretty cool.

Comet has been next door for about a year now, but have only recently opened their shop so that you can purchase their stunning, hand-printed boards. Walking through their shop feels more like walking through a gallery than a skate store, but the art is not just for looking. Check out some of their pieces online for just a taste of the beauty that could be carrying you down the street.

To commemorate the occasion, we gave our window a spring makeover in Comet’s signature orange hues, starring one of their handmade longboards! We hope they like it… maybe they’ll make us a board with a crazy vintage floral print?

Detail shots of the dresses, and more of our favorite orange objects after the jump!